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I cannot attest to all of the information below being entirely accurate. There's a lot of information flying around about Lärm and piecing it all together in a timeline (by me, no less) appears to come up with common inaccuracies. Cheers to Paul and Jos for giving me the go-ahead to post this stuff! - Also, this post will not include any official recordings, just pre-Lärm bands, live recordings, rehearsals, bootlegs and unreleased recordings.

Lärm was a fastcore/hardcore band from the Netherlands, they are cited as being the first band to play at 'break-neck' speeds from the Netherlands.

They started out as Total Chaoz, who were active from 1980-1982 and played faster than the bands which came before them. Total Chaoz went on to write songs which would later be used in Lärm. Prior to both Lärm and during the timeline of Total Chaoz, members also played in the bands The Disturbers and The Sextons, which were more along the lines of the regular punk sounds of the time.

By the t…
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This blog has been dormant for a fair few months, time to kick it off again.

Heresy, 1986-1992; a fast, no frills hardcore band influenced by American hardcore at the time, from Nottingham, you can probably get all the LPs and 7"s off other blogs, today I bring you multiple live recordings, rehearsal recordings, demo tape and a radio interview. 18 recordings in total.

Get ready to choreograph your scissor kicks.

The guys in Heresy never stopped... related bands:

Ripcord [1986-1992 predominantly - reformed in the last couple of years for some shows], Concrete Sox [1986-late 1990s], Uniform Approach [1989], Force Fed [1989-1991], Can't Decide [1990-1991], Meatfly [1990-1992], Sixhundredandsixtysixdead [1999], Dumbstruck [1999-2002], Violent Arrest [2006-2016],Geriatric Unit [2007-2016], Endless Grinning Skulls [2011-2017] and others (Sacrilege, Unseen Terror) but you get the idea and I've got the day to get on with.

For the rare Heresy stuff click HERE(Apologies if you don'…


If this is gore, what's meat then?

Agathocles are a mince core band which formed in 1985, in Mol, Belgium; although the two founding members had been involved in the local hardcore/punk scene since around 1981, putting on shows and releasing fanzines.

They initially set out to sound like Larm but that rapidly changed. They coined the term "mince core" to counteract all the "gore" inspired metal, putting themselves apart with a new tag, to let you know this had a socio-political message: politics, animal rights, social issues, "and so on".

I don't know when the term mince-core first came about, nor do I know when grindcore with lyrics about porn, the human anatomy or taking influence from gore movies first started, apart from that Carcass are listed everywhere as the fore runners for the latter, they also formed in 1985; worth noting that that regardless of their lyrical subjects, both founding members were meat-free, with one being vegan and the ot…

War For Freedom - A Benefit Compilation For Imprisoned Revolutionaries In Greece - 2012

Disclaimer: This was edited from a Youtube video of the entire LP. To find any information about it online, except for through Discogs is difficult, to get a copy elsewhere seems near impossible. I think it's fair to post a benefit under these conditions, and it was pressed 5 years ago.

This LP was released in 2012 to raise money for imprisoned revolutionaries. It was released by a collective effort of Squatter Punks of Northern Greece and distributed by autonomous libertarian collectives and political squats.

At this point in time there were prisoners from several insurrectionist anarchist groups: Conspiracy Of Cells Of Fire (CCF / Conspiracy Of Fire Nuclei), Revolutionary Struggle and urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Organisation 17 November (N17), I've used Wikipedia in all the links, not the greatest source of information but it gets the general feeling across. To say that all aforementioned groups took up illegal actions to bring about a change in society, would be an un…

Never Again (UK)

There are many bands called Never Again, this is the straight edge fast hardcore one from the UK. They were active for one year, between 2009-2010. Here's a post I made in 2012 about the Year One LP  (before I realised I should be courteous to Holy Roar), the link is now dead also.

I used to absolutely love the band, classing them as my favourite UKHC band on several occasions since 2009.

Anyway, read that post for some more information.

Pat and Tom, who played in Never Again have gone on to form the well respected label CARRY THE WEIGHT RECORDS, who put on the annual CTW Fest.

Members of Never Again have been in probably literally 30 bands, let's have a go: Hang The Bastard, Hello Bastards, Sectarian Violence (Nick from Coke Bust on vocals), Wayfarer, Ego Trip, Firm Standing Law, Digress, Final Rage, Inherit, xRepentancex, Breaking Point, STAB... others but you get the idea.

In the year they were around, they released (as well as about 25 merch designs) 7 releases: 2 tapes, 2 spli…

Multiple bands: Bonestorm / Closure / Mouth / Torn Apart

I'll break 2 of my own rules here. First off, I've come to the conclusion that trying to only source stuff you can't find elsewhere online is pretty time consuming, as it means me juggling the attention of a 5 year old and a 10 month old baby, whilst trying to scour the internet looking as to whether or not someone has posted up what I want to, which is time consuming. So, as multiple blogs share the same music, I might just go ahead and post anything I want anyway, as long as it doesn't infringe on those who'd rather not have their music online for free download. Places are already posting Ebola and One By One, it'd appear as though everything's been posted somewhere, but being reminded of bands can't be a bad thing.
Secondly, that I'd keep it to one band per post and not mix it up, giving only one bands' side of a split record at a time. I'm going to be posting a 4-way split here, including 4 bands in one post. I'm only 13 posts in to t…

Otan - Jodeles Tape

This tape has been uploaded to 2 other blogs but both the links are now dead, here it is for the third time. You can still find El Indomable 7" for download here and Sociedad Despriciable 7" here.

Otan were an anarchist hardcore punk band from Barcelona, Spain, who were active from 2004-2009.

All the lyrics are in Spanish, topics ranged from animal abuse (vivisection), police brutality, the military, anarchism, politics... and that's only going by the song titles on the Jodeles Tape.

Instead of me writing everything as if I first thought of it, but actually rewording information I've just found on other blogs, read more in depth information about Otan from what Shit-Fi had to say about them here. It includes more about anti-terrorism raids, ridiculous confiscated items, anarchist prisoner solidarity. Unfortunately, it's not too far fetched, members of Madrid Straight Edge have gradually been arrested by anti-terrorism police and been accused of being a gang and terr…